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Get to know more about our take out menu at Bistro 758 

Bistro 758 is a humble restaurant in the city of St James, Manitoba. For over 10 years, we’ve been serving traditional Canadian dishes, as well as favourite meals across the United States. Here at our restaurant, we have a special take out menu that you can enjoy. 

Currently, we expanded our take out menu and added more exciting dishes for you to try. So, if you want to take out a delicious meal and treat yourself, here are the dishes we can offer you: 

Fried Green tomatoes 

Fried green tomatoes are one of the most delicious dishes we serve in Bistro 758. Made with thin, cured tomato slices then fried to perfection, this dish is a regular on our specials menu. Originating from the state of Alabama, we offer a wide range of sauces you can pair with this dish. 

Additionally, it makes for a good appetizer to work out your appetite. If you want to add more thrill to your meal, you can pair this dish with an ice-cold beer. 

Reindeer sausage 

Reindeer sausage is a popular dish that originated in the state of Alaska. Made with finely ground beef, garlic, and seasonings, this sausage is one of the most enjoyed snacks on our menu. We serve this dish in buttered bread toasted to perfection, and a delicious sauce made of Japanese mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard.

You can pair this dish with beer or any juice beverages on our menu. Additionally, we have a promo every Friday you can claim if you buy 2 sausages. You will receive an extra side of fries and an additional dip to make your meal more exciting. 


Enchiladas is another bestseller on our list. Flavoured with Arizona red sauce, this meal is something that will please your palate. Here at Bistro 758, we have an enchiladas night where our kitchen will cook different types of enchiladas that customers can choose from. 

What’s exciting about our enchilada nights is that you can get a free item if you order 2 sets of meals. Additionally, if you’re coming with a big group of 6 and you order a bucket, we will give you a free bucket on the house. 

Fried catfish 

Fried catfish is a popular freshwater fish that’s popular in the state of Arkansas. With its creamy meat, this fish is versatile and can be cooked in different ways.

Here at Bistro 758, we offer a fried catfish that we seasoned with spices such as basil, oregano, paprika and cumin. To add more texture to the dish, we serve this with a side of sliced lemons and fries. Additionally, we also have a wide range of dips that you can choose from. 

Fish tacos 

Fish tacos are a dish that originated from Baja, California. Here at Bistro 758, we offer fish tacos made of cream dory, sliced shredded cabbage, cream, pico de gallo, and a slice of lime that adds an interesting dash of fruity flavour to the fish. 

What’s more exciting is that our restaurant has a tacos night where you can get a taco on the house with a dip of your choice if you purchase two orders of tacos. Additionally, you can also receive a bottle of ice-cold beer to make your meal more exciting. 

Rocky mountain oyster 

If you’re a fan of exotic dishes, rocky mountain oyster is a dish you shouldn’t miss. Originating from the state of Colorado, this dish is made of bull testicles. It may sound a little strange to some, but this means it is something that people in Colorado considered a delicacy. 

Lobster Mac and Cheese 

If you’re a fan of seafood and mac and cheese, we offer a dish that will give you the best of both worlds. Here at Bistro 758, we have lobster mac and cheese that you can enjoy. Made with lobster meat mixed in the mac and cheese, you’ll surely come back for seconds. If you order this dish from our special Friday’s menu, you can get a discount plus a bottle of beer of your choice. 

Fries with vinegar 

In the state of Delaware, fries aren’t enjoyed with ketchup but with vinegar. If you think ketchup is the only way to enjoy fries, think again. 

Here at Bistro 758, we offer fries made of potatoes cut into thick, rectangular pieces then topped with herbs and spices. We serve these special fries with our finest vinegar to give you the authentic taste of Delaware fries. 

Moreover, you can enjoy exciting promos during the Fries Friday event because you can receive fries on the house if you qualify for the guidelines we will give you! 

Key Lime pie 

In Florida, key lime pie is one of the most delicious desserts you can sink your teeth into. This dessert boasts sweet and tangy flavours that you will enjoy if you’re tired of eating regular sweet desserts. Here at Bistro 758, our key lime pie is made of authentic ingredients so you’ll have a taste of the tangy goodness of this revered dish in Florida. 

Peach cobbler 

If you have a sweet tooth and you love peaches, Bistro 758 offers a peach cobbler that will satisfy your cravings. You can enjoy our peach cobblers and pair them with coffee beverages we offer on our menu. Dessert fans will love this dish. 


If you’re a health nut and you like eating your greens, our take out menu has a poke, a dish which originated from Hawaii. For several years, Hawaiians enjoy their daily dose of poke because of the health benefits it has for the body. Made of seaweed, sliced avocados, cucumbers, shredded carrots and fish, this dish is something you shouldn’t miss. Our poke dishes are available in regular or big sizes. 

Finger steak

In Idaho, people don’t keep their leftover steak in the fridge for the next day. Instead, they cut them into finger-sized shapes, roll them in flavoured batter then deep fry them in vegetable oil. Here at Bistro 758, we offer finger steaks that are finger-licking good. Additionally, we have a wide selection of sauces and dips that you’ll enjoy. Our best sauce is our jalapeno and honey garlic. 

Deep dish pizza 

Chicago is known for its delicious deep-dish pizza that people cross countries just to taste. Invented in Chi-town in 1943, this dish is a delicious meal that’s cooked upside-down. Here at Bistro 758, we offer a deep dish pizza made with Margherita, tomatoes, and then topped with herbs and spices. For our Pizza Thursdays, we offer an exciting promo of buy 2 get 2 pizza that you can enjoy with friends. 

Pork Tenderloin Sandwich 

The first pork tenderloin sandwich was invented by Nick’s Kitchen in Indiana. Made with pork tenderloin seasoned to perfection with different herbs and spices. Here at our Bistro, you can enjoy this sandwich tucked between two pieces of bread toasted to a crisp. Additionally, we will serve this with fries and a dash of lemon on the side. 

Corn dogs 

An American snack is not complete without a corn dog. Even when there are no summer fairs or football games to attend, you can enjoy a delicious stick of corn dog that we serve here at Bistro 758. Originating from Iowa State Fair, this dish is something you can enjoy anytime, anywhere because it’s so easy to eat. 

Burnt ends 

Originating from Kansas, burnt ends are stapled dishes that the locals enjoy. Made from a position of brisket meat, this dish is seasoned then grilled until it’s almost crisp black. If you’re a fan of flavourful dishes, burnt ends are something that you will enjoy.

Every Friday, we offer a promo for our burnt ends that you will enjoy. If you order the plate set, you can receive 2 bottles of beer and an extra dip of your choice. 


Inspired by Asian cuisine, this dish from Louisiana features an exotic taste that you will love. If you’re into seafood and you like spices, the jambalaya meal is a perfect combination. What’s more exciting is that you can pair this dish with rice or eat it on its own.  

Lobster roll 

If you’re a fan of seafood, we have a lobster roll inspired from the original recipe in Maine. Made with huge chunks of lobster meat seasoned with herbs and spices then spread in a toasty piece of bread slathered with mayonnaise, this dish is something you will enjoy for a midnight snack. 

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