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Bistro 758: Learn more about our dine menu 

Bistro 758 is a restaurant in St Jean Baptiste in Manitoba where you can enjoy exciting dishes in an instant. Here at our restaurant, you can have a cozy time with friends and family because our staff will accommodate everything you need. Currently, we’ve updated our menu and added more exciting specials so customers can experience a variety of authentic Canadian dishes. 

Located at 166 Caron Street, you can find our restaurant in the heart of Manitoba. If you’re coming from somewhere nearby, you can drive to get to our place. Additionally, you can also order online and set a reservation if you want to use our events area. So, if you’re ready to have a gastronomic experience, here’s a complete guide to our dine-in menu. 

Choose from our delicious dine-in menu 


Canadians are big breakfast eaters. The best part of their day is when they’re enjoying a good, hearty breakfast. Here at Bistro 758, we offer a delicious set of breakfast specials that you can order on the go or enjoy at our place. Here are some of them: 


This delicious dish is made of potatoes sliced into thick rectangular pieces then topped with creamy cheese curd and gravy that makes for a delicious breakfast meal. For our breakfast specials, our poutine is topped with pork, bacon, and smoked meat that makes it even more delicious and exciting. 


A bannock is a key staple in Canadian breakfast. This dish features bread made from leavened ingredients then flattened to make it look like a pizza. It is then topped with thin slices of bacon or any pork dish that will give you an instant, hearty meal to power through the day. Recently, bannock has been gaining popularity among customers because it can be easily enjoyed any time of the day. 

Butter tarts 

If you have a sweet tooth and want something to satisfy your cravings, Bistro 758 offers a special butter tart you can enjoy. These are usually made of flaky and buttery shells filled with butter, sugar, and filling. Additionally, this dish can also be served as appetizers during special events such as parties. 

Nova Scotia Lobster rolls 

With its rich, savoury flavour, our Nova Scotia lobster roll is the popular breakfast choice for most of our customers. To make this dish even more exciting, it is served with fries and a slice of lemon that adds texture to the meal. Here at Bistro 758, we serve our Nova Scotia lobster with dips that can give it more flavour. 

Montreal-style bagels 

Montreal earned its popularity for its delicious bagels. Layered with buttery cream and delicious sesame seeds, this dish makes for an exciting breakfast that’s best paired with coffee. Here at Bistro 758, we offer different dips and jams that go well with your bagels. Additionally, it comes with poppy seeds that can add a more interesting texture to your bagel. 

Saskatoon berry pie 

If you have a sweet tooth and you like fruity flavours, our Saskatoon berry pie is a staple breakfast you shouldn’t miss. This pie usually features a sweet almond flavour and fruity undercurrents. Just a slice of this confection is enough to give you the boost you need to start your day. 

Montreal Smoked meat

The Montreal smoked meat is another dish from the great land of Montreal. With a similar taste to pastrami, the meat used for this dish is cured in heavy seasoning then marinated for a week with heavy spices before it gets smoked. It is then served with a piece of bread that’s toasted to perfection. If you want to treat yourself with a heavy dish, the Montreal smoked meat is the perfect choice for you. 

Peameal bacon

The peameal bacon is made of lean pork loin that is cut to thin pieces. To add flavour, it’s wet cured then stuffed into cornmeal to give it a notable yellow crust. If you’re looking for a heavy dish to fill your stomach, the peameal bacon is your best option. 

Here at Bistro 758, we offer a peameal bacon dish that comes with coffee, sides, and a fruit plate to accompany your meal. 


Here’s our exciting dine-in menu for lunch: 


Inspired by the doner kebab in Turkey, this dish was introduced to Halifax in Nova Scotia during the early 1970s. However, Halifax used beef instead of the traditional lamb. He then covered it with sweet sauce made from sugar, garlic, condensed milk, and vinegar.

Here at Bistro 758, we offer a wide range of donair dishes you can enjoy. If you want to enjoy a heavy meal, the donair is a dish that will give you satisfaction. You can pair it with ice-cold beer or a glass of our special wine. 

Oreilles de Crisse 

Coming from the land of Quebec, the Oreilles de Crisse is a delicious dish made of deep-fried pork rinds fried to perfection. In traditional Canadian cuisine, this dish is lightly drizzled with sugar and maple syrup that gives a nice contrast to the salty flavour of the pork. 

Here at Bistro 758, the Oreilles de Crisse is a best-selling dish you will surely have fun eating. It’s so versatile that you can pair it with rice or eat it on its own. 

Fish and Brewis 

This dish is considered as a traditional meal in Newfoundlander made of cod and biscuits. Before it became a popular restaurant dish, the Fish and Brewis was first developed by fishermen to bring to their trips in the ocean. The original recipe of this dish was made with salt fish, salt pork, and hardtack biscuits. Eventually, the recipe was innovated over the years.

Yellow pea soup 

Yellow pea soup is a dish inspired of French-Canadian cuisine that was first introduced in Quebec. The yellow pea soup was  first brought from Europe by French Canadian settlers where they used simple ingredients. Nowadays, you can enjoy this soup with yellow peas, salt pork, and fresh herbs. Here at Bistro 758, you can enjoy this soup with pork or fried bacon toppings depending on your preference. 

Hodge Podge 

Originating from the region of Nova Scotia, hodge podge is another soup dish that contains various vegetable ingredients such as carrots, beans, and potatoes. While this dish was usually served for sick people, the hodge podge has become a popular meal for people who want an extra boost of warmth during winter. Additionally, it’s also a good appetizer to work up your appetite. 


The cipaille is a dish made with moose, hare, patridge, beef, or chicken. According to historical accounts, this dish originated from sea-pie, which is also a dish made of meat, fish, or seafood stuffing. If you’re looking for a dish that will give you the satisfaction you need. 


Here’s the dinner menu you can enjoy at Bistro 758: 

Honey dill sauce 

The honey is not a dish per se but it’s a sauce that originated from the land of Winnipeg. This sauce was discovered by accident when an owner of the restaurant was copying a sauce from another establishment. Because it was so delicious, it became a Winnipeg staple used for finger foods such as chicken fingers, sweet potatoes, and fries. Here at Bistro 758, you can enjoy honey dill sauce with several dishes that we offer for our dinner menu. 


Originating from the city of Quebec, the creton is a dish made of ground pork, lard, breadcrumbs, and milk. Here at Bistro 758, we serve cretons with a spread made of garlic, ginger, celery, parsely, nutmeg, cinnamon, onions, and all spices. If you want finger food you can enjoy with beer or other alcoholic beverages, cretons are the best dish you can order. 

Windsor style pizza 

The Windsor-style pizza is a dish that came from Windsor, Ontario. Usually, this dish is made of thin crust then topped with tomato sauce mixed with oregano, mozzarella, canned mushrooms, and shredded pepperoni. If you’re a pizza lover, this dish will satisfy your cravings. 

Rappie pie 

Originating from Nova Scotia, the rappie pie is a dish made of pork, fat, and meat from ground pork and chicken. To add more flavour, the main stuffing of this dish is spiced and then baked until it achieves a golden brown colour. Here at Bistro 758, we serve our rappie pie with butter or molasses for an extra kick. 

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