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Bistro 758: Restaurant essentials

Bistro 758: Restaurant essentials

Make sure you have everything you need when you’re on the go. The restaurant essentials that you need to know are the following:

It’s a hard-earned reputation. The ever-reliable food truck of the Bay Area is now serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Oakland and San Francisco. The food is simple, fresh, and authentic. The trucks are as much of a landmark as the Bay Area, but we’re talking about food. And you know what they say about good food: It tastes better when it’s hot. The trucks are a little like a food truck utopia. You can find them in parking lots, parking lots, and parking lots. The menu is always the same, and it’s worth it. The menu has a variety of dishes that are Asian inspired, and you can order any of the food truck’s dishes, which are available all day. It’s hard to pass up the lunch special, but the best thing about the food truck is the value. The menu is $5.95, and that’s just for the food. They also offer a side of rice and a drink for $5.95.

What makes a good food truck? Well, you need a great chef, but you also need a great menu. A good food truck is a place where you can get a delicious meal, and a place where you can get your hands on some delicious Asian-inspired food.

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Bistro 758: The importance of food

Bistro 758: The importance of food

With the surge of new inventions in the market, knowing the importance of food is important. Find out now when you read it here at Bistro 758. The importance of it that you need to know are the following:

Foods are important for us to live, as well as to sustain our health. Food is the most basic necessity for human beings, and therefore, food must be healthy and nutritious. The consumption of a healthy and nutritious food will keep us healthy and active.

We must also know that the food we eat will determine the type of food we will produce in the future. If we do not eat healthy food, we will produce unhealthy food. This is why we must eat healthy food.

It is true that we cannot live without food, but it is also true that we can live without food. Therefore, the best thing that we can do is to eat healthy food.

The importance of eating healthy food

When we eat healthy food, we can be free from many diseases. Eating healthy food can also prevent and cure many diseases.

When we eat healthy food, we will be able to maintain our body weight. We can also prevent and reduce the risks of many diseases.

We can also eat healthy food in order to improve our body’s energy level. If we do not eat healthy food, we will have a low energy level. This will lead to a low performance level.

Although we do not have a high energy level, we will still be able to perform our daily activities.

We can also eat healthy food in order to keep our mind and body fit. We will be able to maintain our mind and body in a good condition.

It is true that we cannot live without food, but we can also live without food. We should know that we cannot live without food, and we can also live without food.

Therefore, we should know that we can eat healthy food in order to live a healthy life.

The importance of food

We must know that we need food to survive. This is the reason why we must eat food. We cannot live without food.

It is true that we cannot live without food, but we can also live without food. Therefore, we must know that we can live without food. We can live without food, but we will not be able to live a healthy life.

We must know that we need food to survive. We cannot live without food.

We cannot live without food. We must know that we need food in order to live. We cannot live without food.

We need food to live, and we need food to sustain our life.

Bistro 758: Latest thing about food to know

Bistro 758: Latest thing about food to know

Be a more knowledgeable person when you learn the latest things and updates about food here at Bistro 758. Find out now when you read it here! The latest thing you need to know about food with complete descriptions are:

Dry Rubs

This is one of the most popular of all the rubs. It can be used for both meat and seafood. It is very easy to make and is used in many dishes, such as; chicken, ribs, fish, and steaks.

This rub is also used to add flavor to the meat or seafood that is to be grilled. It is often used with steak and pork. It is made by mixing dry spices such as cumin, chili powder, paprika, and garlic powder. It is then rubbed on the meat and left to sit for a few hours. It can also be made with the spices and garlic powder and left in the fridge for a few days.

In a pinch, you can also make this rub by mixing spices in a bowl and rubbing the mixture on the meat or seafood.

Steak Rub

This is another of the most popular of all the rubs. It is used on beef, lamb, and pork. It is used for both steaks and chops. It is made by mixing dry spices such as garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper, paprika, and cumin. It is then rubbed on the meat and left to sit for a few hours.

This past Saturday, October 12, I was in Dallas, Texas for the second annual WIFS conference. It was an excellent conference, and I am very grateful to my family for letting me go to Dallas for a few days. It was a great time, and I met some very cool people. I also met some very interesting food vendors at the conference. I met with many of them, and I am glad that I got to meet them. Here is a list of the vendors I met:


B&W is the largest and oldest importer of fine specialty coffees in the world. They also have the largest selection of specialty coffee and teas in the country. They have the largest selection of chocolates and gourmet foods in the country as well. They also have a very nice selection of baked goods, sauces, and spices. They have a very nice selection of foods for the chef and home cook. They have a very nice selection of olive oils and vinegars. They have a nice selection of wines and spirits as well. I was able to taste their chocolates, baked goods, sauces, and spices. I tasted their olive oils and vinegars as well.

Dining etiquette when eating at a buffet

Dining etiquette when eating at a buffet

Eating at a buffet is one of the best dining experiences you should never miss out on. Believe it or not, eating dinner at a buffet actually costs less than a sit-down dinner. This is because a buffet requires fewer servers.

When at a buffet, you can try all of the dishes at once. However, make sure that you can finish the meal you got to avoid food waste. Make sure to avoid food that you are allergic to by simply asking the server about its ingredients. Rest assured that our servers will help you with that.

If it is your first time eating a buffet at Bistro 758, here are some of the basic buffet etiquette you should know: 

Start at the end of the line 

Keep in mind that all of the other customers paid the same amount as you. So, you better start at the end of the line and work your way to the other. Buffet lines are supposed to go in one direction only. You are always supposed to head in one direction only. If not, you are cutting in line. 

Leave the tongs and spoons where they should be

Even if there are servers at the buffet, it is best to leave the tongs and spoons where they should be. This also serves as a courtesy to the next customer. For instance, never take a spoon from a pasta dish to a caesar salad.

It can also result in several issues, especially if the customer is allergic to a portion of certain food and all of the serving utensils are mixed up

Never eat while standing in line

No matter how hungry you are, never eat while standing in line. Nobody wants to see you stuffing food while waiting for your turn. Be considerate and wait until you are settled before munching on your meal. 

Wash your hands

Wash your hands or use a hand sanitiser. It not only protects you from contamination that might lead to illness but those around you as well. Although most reputable resorts and major cruise lines provide free hand sanitiser, you can also carry a small bottle of alcohol.

Hands off the food

No matter what happens, always keep your hands away from the food. Never move or pick up a portion of food without spoons or tongs. It is not only being inconsiderate but also an extremely unhealthy practice that spreads germs and bacteria.

Grab a new plate

Getting a new plate with each visit to the buffet line is needed because germs and bacteria can spread quickly from your plate to the buffet utensils. This is one of the reasons why the majority of buffet restaurants have staff who are tasked to make sure that the old plates are removed from your table as soon as you are done eating. 

Aside from having a great time at the buffet service of Bistro 758, you should also try different meals, drinks, and desserts you should never miss out on. 

5 Reasons why you should eat at Bistro 758

5 Reasons why you should eat at Bistro 758

There are times when we’re sure that we want to eat out, yet we are unsure of what specific restaurant we want to go to. Out of thousands of restaurants worldwide, finding the perfect place to dine in can be a hassle. Here at Bistro 758, we promise to give you a service worth every penny. If you’re curious to know more, here are  five reasons why you should choose to dine in at Bistro 758.

Accommodating staff

What makes a restaurant is its accommodating staff. We believe that customer satisfaction is met through the fantastic service they receive from restaurant staff. We take pride in giving our customers a world-class experience. 

From the moment you walk inside our restaurant, our lovely staff will greet you. They will graciously take your orders and accommodate you with all your questions and requests, and make sure that when you leave our establishment, a smile on your face can be seen, not only because of the food we served but because of the service we have given. 

Tasty food

Serving customers with tasty cuisine is one of our main goals, if not the most important goal. Serving authentic Canadian cuisine for your friends and family to enjoy is a fulfilling task on our end. That is why we curated our menu with a wide selection that can cater to all your cravings. 

We have a separate menu of dine-in and take-out. Our dine-in menu mainly offers dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. At the same time, our take-out category focuses on finger foods, burgers, steaks, and the like so that you can quickly eat your meal and still savor authentic Canadian cuisines. 

Range of Beverages

A meal without a beverage can be dissatisfying. It’s not complete without the perfect drink, that is why we made sure that our range of beverages is wide enough so that you can choose whatever kind of drink suits your dish. Bistro 758 not only offers sodas and juice, but we also offer cocktails that are suitable for your dinner dates. 


Since we are located at the heart of Manitoba, finding our restaurant is accessible. But we would like to make it easier for you, thus our reservation system. You can still do walk-ins as you do with most restaurants, but the beauty of reservations is that you can choose whether to dine in or take out and indicate your orders. 


We want you to feel the authenticity through top-notch facilities. Our place is an open area with contemporary accents that are aesthetically perfect for any photo you wish to take. And if you’re worried about parking, we got you covered. We also have a parking area wherein our staff will help you navigate. 

Etiquette tips for brunch

Etiquette tips for brunch

Bistro 758: Etiquette tips for brunch

Whether you’re about to catch up with friends or bond with your family, brunch is a perfect choice! Your lazy days will also get a thousand times better because you don’t have to wake up early and make grand plans to make the day better. 

What makes brunch convenient and fun is you can do it any time in the morning, allowing you to get that extra hour of sleep.

Although brunch can be a social and fun meal for everyone, there are some etiquette tips you should bear in mind. Basic table manners and tipping your servers also apply to brunch time, no matter what restaurant you choose. 

Brunching etiquettes might not be known to some people, but it’s not too late to educate yourself about it. Here are some of them:

Wait for the restaurant to open

Unfortunately, some customers insist on being seated before the restaurant is ready to open. No matter the circumstance, don’t rush the wait staff to accommodate you just so you can secure a good spot. 

To give you the best service in terms of food and ambience, restaurants will need every second to have everything prepared. So make sure you wait patiently! If a restaurant opens for brunch at 10:30 AM, wait for the exact time before finding a seat and ordering food. 

Order what’s on the menu

There are times when the wait staff would usually get orders from customers that are not listed on the menu. This could be a customized coffee with specific ingredients that they don’t have in the kitchen, or a meal they don’t serve at all. However, ordering something that’s not on the menu is known to be a bad brunch etiquette. 

It’s also not a good idea to assume that a restaurant has a “secret menu”. Stick to what’s being offered to you so you can avoid causing inconveniences to the servers. Be considerate!

Tip your waiters

There is a common misconception that it’s okay to give smaller tips, and worse, to not tip at all because it’s ‘just brunch’. However, no matter the kind of meal you’re eating, you must always tip the servers accordingly to show your appreciation and gratitude. 

This is especially true when you’re impressed with the service and you’ve had a decent experience. Most waiters also depend on tips to increase their income and make a living. When you leave a few bucks for your server, you help them get by even in a small way.

Leave as soon as you’re done

It’s easy to be completely engaged in conversations and forget about the time when you’re out on a brunch with friends. However, as soon as you finish the meal and pay your bills, it’s time for you to pack and leave. 

Staying for more than an hour even when you’re done can prevent the restaurant from accommodating new customers. They still have to clean your table, so give them enough time to prepare before the next group comes in.  

Must try cocktail drinks

Must try cocktail drinks

Bistro 758: Must try cocktail drinks

Welcome to Bistro 758 where there is a never ending supply of drinks. We have over 100 bottles of the highest quality of vodka, rum, and whiskey.

The entertainment at Bistro 758 never disappoints. During the weekend, the atmosphere inside the bar is vibrant and fun. Live DJ’s every Friday and Saturday night bring in a trendy crowd, making Bistro 758 a hotspot for Japanese nightlife.

Our bartenders specialize in craft flair, that you and your friends can enjoy. We guarantee that you won’t be able to take your eyes off their performance!

If you are a cocktail enthusiast, you are probably the one in charge of ordering the drinks when you are out at a party with your girlfriends. Sometimes it can be a really hard decision because of the variety of choices. 

So, we made it easier for you. Here are four sweet and crowd pleasing cocktails that you should try at Bistro 758. 


As Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha from the famous show Sex and the City would say ‘A good cosmopolitan is the way to go.’ 

First one up is the modern cosmopolitan cocktail. The cosmopolitan is a cocktail with simple ingredients. The drink was created by Tony Cecchini at Odeon, a bar in New York city in 1988.

It is made using lime and cranberry juice, two ounce of vodka, then shaking it vigorously, and straining a martini glass with lemon as garnish. 

You will feel a slight burn in your throat with this cocktail. Make sure to count your glass and avoid blacking out from a night of drinking.

Gin and Tonic 

Gin and tonic is famous for its unique taste and is considered as the most refreshing cocktail drink in bartending history. 

This sweet and refreshing cocktail is a perfect fix for hot and humid days because it consists of a wheel of lime and a lot of ice.

If you are looking for some new flavors in your life, give this a try. And, if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, try adding a few dashes of grapefruits to the mix. This after-dinner drink will help you cool down on a particularly hot night. 


For something refreshing and fruity, try Appletini. Dive into this sweet and soft cocktail drink that looks classy to hold and is served in a martini glass. 

The appletini is a sweet and delicious cocktail with vodka as base. It is commonly made with a combination of apple juice that gives the drink a signature sweet taste. It is a drink where you won’t get drunk easily and can have fun catching up with your friends.

Tequila Sunrise 

This is by far the favorite of usual party goers in Bistro 758; Tequila Sunrise is a combination of tequila and orange juice. 

This cocktail duo highlights the bitterness of the two ingredients but is much sweeter and softer. Add a big slice of orange zest as garnish and drink this whole night long.

Best cakes you can eat for brunch

Best cakes you can eat for brunch 

Dessert is one of the most anticipated parts of any meal. With a wide variety of choices available, choose whichever can satisfy your sweet tooth! Made by our talented team of chefs, our sweets section is a collection of heavenly and delicious desserts made with the finest ingredients. So, if you’re ready to indulge yourself, here are some of the sweets we offer:

Olive oil cake 

Olive oil cake is one of the most delicious dishes we offer at Bistro 758. With its fluffy texture and sumptuous layers, this dish is one of the best desserts you can treat yourself to. To make things more exciting, we layered this dessert with glazed sugar and a generous amount of walnuts. If you like coffee, this dish goes well with dark blended beverages. 

Strawberry Rhubarb Coffee Cake 

If you’re a fan of coffee and strawberry, you’ll be pleased to know we have a strawberry rhubarb coffee cake that you will enjoy. Baked with rhubarb and layered with sliced berries, this dessert is one of the best sellers in our restaurant. Additionally, we serve this dish with a thick layer of vanilla ice cream for an extra boost of sweetness. 

Cinnamon rolls 

When it comes to dessert, nothing tops the cinnamon rolls on the list. With sweet and fluffy dough slathered with a thick serving of cream cheese, our cinnamon rolls have been on our best-seller list now for years. If you want an interesting kick to your cinnamon rolls, you can opt to replace the cream cheese with a layer of maple syrup. 

Glazed fruit tarts 

If you’re a fan of fruits and sweet dishes, Bistro 758 offers glazed fruit tarts for brunch. Made of shortcrust filled with cream then topped with berries, kiwi and blueberries, this confection will give you a good mix of sweet and tangy flavours all at once. 

Molten chocolate lava cake 

If you’re a chocolate lover, Bistro 758 offers a delicious lava cake that will make your mouth water. With this dessert stuffed with delicious chocolate filling, your sweet tooth will be satisfied. This dish is best eaten after a hearty meal. 

Fresh strawberry buttercream 

If you’re a fan of strawberry and creamy desserts, we offer strawberry buttercream on our menu. Made with fresh strawberries, it is an exciting confection you can enjoy before or after you have your meal. This dish is best paired with coffee or mocha-based drinks.

More information about our menu and dishes can be found on our website. Subscribe to our site and receive more updates and information on our latest promos and menu additions. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and see what other Bistro fans are saying. If you want to enjoy our sweets at home, you can order them through our website.

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