Etiquette tips for brunch

Bistro 758: Etiquette tips for brunch

Whether you’re about to catch up with friends or bond with your family, brunch is a perfect choice! Your lazy days will also get a thousand times better because you don’t have to wake up early and make grand plans to make the day better. 

What makes brunch convenient and fun is you can do it any time in the morning, allowing you to get that extra hour of sleep.

Although brunch can be a social and fun meal for everyone, there are some etiquette tips you should bear in mind. Basic table manners and tipping your servers also apply to brunch time, no matter what restaurant you choose. 

Brunching etiquettes might not be known to some people, but it’s not too late to educate yourself about it. Here are some of them:

Wait for the restaurant to open

Unfortunately, some customers insist on being seated before the restaurant is ready to open. No matter the circumstance, don’t rush the wait staff to accommodate you just so you can secure a good spot. 

To give you the best service in terms of food and ambience, restaurants will need every second to have everything prepared. So make sure you wait patiently! If a restaurant opens for brunch at 10:30 AM, wait for the exact time before finding a seat and ordering food. 

Order what’s on the menu

There are times when the wait staff would usually get orders from customers that are not listed on the menu. This could be a customized coffee with specific ingredients that they don’t have in the kitchen, or a meal they don’t serve at all. However, ordering something that’s not on the menu is known to be a bad brunch etiquette. 

It’s also not a good idea to assume that a restaurant has a “secret menu”. Stick to what’s being offered to you so you can avoid causing inconveniences to the servers. Be considerate!

Tip your waiters

There is a common misconception that it’s okay to give smaller tips, and worse, to not tip at all because it’s ‘just brunch’. However, no matter the kind of meal you’re eating, you must always tip the servers accordingly to show your appreciation and gratitude. 

This is especially true when you’re impressed with the service and you’ve had a decent experience. Most waiters also depend on tips to increase their income and make a living. When you leave a few bucks for your server, you help them get by even in a small way.

Leave as soon as you’re done

It’s easy to be completely engaged in conversations and forget about the time when you’re out on a brunch with friends. However, as soon as you finish the meal and pay your bills, it’s time for you to pack and leave. 

Staying for more than an hour even when you’re done can prevent the restaurant from accommodating new customers. They still have to clean your table, so give them enough time to prepare before the next group comes in.  

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