Dining etiquette when eating at a buffet

Eating at a buffet is one of the best dining experiences you should never miss out on. Believe it or not, eating dinner at a buffet actually costs less than a sit-down dinner. This is because a buffet requires fewer servers.

When at a buffet, you can try all of the dishes at once. However, make sure that you can finish the meal you got to avoid food waste. Make sure to avoid food that you are allergic to by simply asking the server about its ingredients. Rest assured that our servers will help you with that.

If it is your first time eating a buffet at Bistro 758, here are some of the basic buffet etiquette you should know: 

Start at the end of the line 

Keep in mind that all of the other customers paid the same amount as you. So, you better start at the end of the line and work your way to the other. Buffet lines are supposed to go in one direction only. You are always supposed to head in one direction only. If not, you are cutting in line. 

Leave the tongs and spoons where they should be

Even if there are servers at the buffet, it is best to leave the tongs and spoons where they should be. This also serves as a courtesy to the next customer. For instance, never take a spoon from a pasta dish to a caesar salad.

It can also result in several issues, especially if the customer is allergic to a portion of certain food and all of the serving utensils are mixed up

Never eat while standing in line

No matter how hungry you are, never eat while standing in line. Nobody wants to see you stuffing food while waiting for your turn. Be considerate and wait until you are settled before munching on your meal. 

Wash your hands

Wash your hands or use a hand sanitiser. It not only protects you from contamination that might lead to illness but those around you as well. Although most reputable resorts and major cruise lines provide free hand sanitiser, you can also carry a small bottle of alcohol.

Hands off the food

No matter what happens, always keep your hands away from the food. Never move or pick up a portion of food without spoons or tongs. It is not only being inconsiderate but also an extremely unhealthy practice that spreads germs and bacteria.

Grab a new plate

Getting a new plate with each visit to the buffet line is needed because germs and bacteria can spread quickly from your plate to the buffet utensils. This is one of the reasons why the majority of buffet restaurants have staff who are tasked to make sure that the old plates are removed from your table as soon as you are done eating. 

Aside from having a great time at the buffet service of Bistro 758, you should also try different meals, drinks, and desserts you should never miss out on. 

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