Best cakes you can eat for brunch

Best cakes you can eat for brunch 

Dessert is one of the most anticipated parts of any meal. With a wide variety of choices available, choose whichever can satisfy your sweet tooth! Made by our talented team of chefs, our sweets section is a collection of heavenly and delicious desserts made with the finest ingredients. So, if you’re ready to indulge yourself, here are some of the sweets we offer:

Olive oil cake 

Olive oil cake is one of the most delicious dishes we offer at Bistro 758. With its fluffy texture and sumptuous layers, this dish is one of the best desserts you can treat yourself to. To make things more exciting, we layered this dessert with glazed sugar and a generous amount of walnuts. If you like coffee, this dish goes well with dark blended beverages. 

Strawberry Rhubarb Coffee Cake 

If you’re a fan of coffee and strawberry, you’ll be pleased to know we have a strawberry rhubarb coffee cake that you will enjoy. Baked with rhubarb and layered with sliced berries, this dessert is one of the best sellers in our restaurant. Additionally, we serve this dish with a thick layer of vanilla ice cream for an extra boost of sweetness. 

Cinnamon rolls 

When it comes to dessert, nothing tops the cinnamon rolls on the list. With sweet and fluffy dough slathered with a thick serving of cream cheese, our cinnamon rolls have been on our best-seller list now for years. If you want an interesting kick to your cinnamon rolls, you can opt to replace the cream cheese with a layer of maple syrup. 

Glazed fruit tarts 

If you’re a fan of fruits and sweet dishes, Bistro 758 offers glazed fruit tarts for brunch. Made of shortcrust filled with cream then topped with berries, kiwi and blueberries, this confection will give you a good mix of sweet and tangy flavours all at once. 

Molten chocolate lava cake 

If you’re a chocolate lover, Bistro 758 offers a delicious lava cake that will make your mouth water. With this dessert stuffed with delicious chocolate filling, your sweet tooth will be satisfied. This dish is best eaten after a hearty meal. 

Fresh strawberry buttercream 

If you’re a fan of strawberry and creamy desserts, we offer strawberry buttercream on our menu. Made with fresh strawberries, it is an exciting confection you can enjoy before or after you have your meal. This dish is best paired with coffee or mocha-based drinks.

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