5 Reasons why you should eat at Bistro 758

There are times when we’re sure that we want to eat out, yet we are unsure of what specific restaurant we want to go to. Out of thousands of restaurants worldwide, finding the perfect place to dine in can be a hassle. Here at Bistro 758, we promise to give you a service worth every penny. If you’re curious to know more, here are  five reasons why you should choose to dine in at Bistro 758.

Accommodating staff

What makes a restaurant is its accommodating staff. We believe that customer satisfaction is met through the fantastic service they receive from restaurant staff. We take pride in giving our customers a world-class experience. 

From the moment you walk inside our restaurant, our lovely staff will greet you. They will graciously take your orders and accommodate you with all your questions and requests, and make sure that when you leave our establishment, a smile on your face can be seen, not only because of the food we served but because of the service we have given. 

Tasty food

Serving customers with tasty cuisine is one of our main goals, if not the most important goal. Serving authentic Canadian cuisine for your friends and family to enjoy is a fulfilling task on our end. That is why we curated our menu with a wide selection that can cater to all your cravings. 

We have a separate menu of dine-in and take-out. Our dine-in menu mainly offers dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. At the same time, our take-out category focuses on finger foods, burgers, steaks, and the like so that you can quickly eat your meal and still savor authentic Canadian cuisines. 

Range of Beverages

A meal without a beverage can be dissatisfying. It’s not complete without the perfect drink, that is why we made sure that our range of beverages is wide enough so that you can choose whatever kind of drink suits your dish. Bistro 758 not only offers sodas and juice, but we also offer cocktails that are suitable for your dinner dates. 


Since we are located at the heart of Manitoba, finding our restaurant is accessible. But we would like to make it easier for you, thus our reservation system. You can still do walk-ins as you do with most restaurants, but the beauty of reservations is that you can choose whether to dine in or take out and indicate your orders. 


We want you to feel the authenticity through top-notch facilities. Our place is an open area with contemporary accents that are aesthetically perfect for any photo you wish to take. And if you’re worried about parking, we got you covered. We also have a parking area wherein our staff will help you navigate. 

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